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Get your iPhone 5s by buying online here!
Get your iPhone 5s by buying online here!

Below is a side by side comparison
iPhone 5s versus Galaxy S4
By Steve Morty
My review of the iPhone 5s versus the Galaxy s4 (in case any of you are upgrading phones and trying to decide). Side note: Like Coke and Pepsi, there will be folks that are biased toward one or the other, but my hope is to point out some key differences should it help others in their overall decision making process.

iPhone 5s
-Better native keyboard – more precise and predictive. More natural feel when typing. The auto correct is great on the 5s.
-Siri – Smoother and better voice accuracy. More natural and intuitive. I provide commands (“remind me about the 8am dentist appointment on December 31th”) and Siri understands. If I issued the same command on the Galaxy S4, the voice recognition would be confused and misinterpret.
-The overall Volume of speaker is louder on the 5s than on the Galaxy S4. I can hear the ringer from other rooms.
-In my car and using the speakerphone on the 5s, others tell me the sound quality is night and day compared to the Galaxy S4 (Verizon). When I had my S4 (two different ones), they said I sounded garbled or as if I was talking through a tin can.
-I have yet to experience an application crash on the 5s
-The Camera is quick to snap shots and pictures are sharp
-Availability of iMessage and Facetime. Makes communicating with other Apple users simple. I can see when they are typing a reply back to me, and I can even Facetime in the car or from anywhere without having to download an configure a 3rd party app such as Skype, and then hope the person on the other end had done the same (I have family who are not technology savvy, but easily use Facetime).
-The iOS7 operating system is overall more refined and user friendly (i.e. – you can hold down and click X to delete an application on the iPhone rather than get confused trying to find the Settings/Application submenus on the Android/S4)
-In my area, better overall signal quality / antenna strength. No dropped calls in the same spots I used my S4.

Galaxy S4
-I like having a ‘Back’ button (bottom left arrow)
-The S4 has a larger screen / more real estate
-The S4 camera can lag (would display ‘Processing’ message for 2-3 seconds while images save). Images were often blurry or not as sharp as I had hoped even after adjusting various settings.
-I do like having a removable battery and accessories available with the S4 such as a wireless charger.
-I don’t like having to close various apps at least daily when they lock up/crash (Android Force Close / Process Stopped Unexpectedly errors). This may be more developer related than phone related, however, this does not happen with my iPhone 5s.
-Larger variety of apps. Not as restrictive as Apple in how you can modify and customize your phone (could be both a pro and con). I also like being able to use the Amazon App Store, where you can get a free download each day.

Overall impressions:
For me personally, the iPhone 5s is the way to go. Although the perfect phone, for me, would include combining the best features from both, Apple is the clear winner with regards to the features and functionality that matter most to me.


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