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Apple and Samsung may have a running start on the smartphone field, but never forget, there are many other very good, inexpensive brands out there on the market as well. You should be very selective when it comes to buying a smartphone. Especially since they cost so much and they are very easily broken if not taken care of. With the purchase of the perfect cellphone that meets all of your requirements, ensure that you also pick a protective case that will hold up to the rigorous torture you put your phone through on daily basis.

Amazon has recently released news of their First Ever Amazon Smartphone, the Amazon Fire Phone, has tons of cool and unique features like Dynamic Perspective and Firefly Technology. I believe that with this smartphone, Amazon could be putting themselves on the proverbial cellphone map.

I am not sure about everyone else that has a smartphone, but me, I spend probably +4 hours of my day messing/playing/working from my smartphone. I hear some of my friends/associates state that they spend even more time on theirs, like 6hrs – 10hrs a day.  The time varies with their work load each day.  With that being said, I personally need a smartphone that can give me the all around satisfaction for that work and play functionality that I require. I need a smartphone that can take hundreds of pictures, store them and not kill my battery or cause me to run out of storage room. I also need a smartphone, that when dropped in most scenarios, can handle it like a champ.

I like a smartphone that I can play the latest game all my friends might be raving on about. I also like to keep up with my social networking, texting and emails that I receive throughout the entire day. The fact that smartphones have provided this level of technology at the tip of my fingers, I’m not sure what more I could ask for from technology. Oh yeah, I need to be making phone calls, too. But with multiple operating systems, screen sizes and carriers all screaming for your attention, picking the right device can feel like an endless maze.

Take a look through these phones and you should find one of these various brands to be as accommodating as an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy model.

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Google Nexus 5

Motorola Moto X

HTC 8X Windows 8

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