The iPhone has been a  popular model smartphone since 2007.

Since it’s inception, Steve Jobs managed to entice world wide frenzy which influenced smartphone consumers to rush right out and buy one.  There has been a number of upgrades to the very first model released in 2007, in direct competition with Samsung most of this battle back and forth for the title “Most sought after smartphone on the market”.

It was once stated (I forget whom said this), that upon opening the first iPhone, it looked as though someone crammed an entire Mac into a cell phone.  By doing this, the craze for having a cell phone coined as a ‘Smartphone’ has made accomplishing many tasks much more convenient and easy.  The iPhone was so popular that there were stores across the United States, Europe, London and most of Southwest Asia that sold out of their freshly stocked Apple smartphones in minutes.

In almost seven years, Apple has released 8 versions of the iPhone, starting in 2007 with the 1st Generation (aka. 2G).  Now that it’s been seven years and eight models encroaching on perfection, we have the latest iPhone models that were released in September 2013: iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.


The iPhone 4s available in black and white, iPhone 4s features an A5 chip, an 8MP iSight camera, and Siri, the intelligent assistant you control with your voice.  The iPhone 5s is available in silver, gold, and gray, iPhone 5s features an A7 chip, a Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor, LTE wireless technology, an iSight camera with a larger 8MP sensor, and iOS 7.  The iPhone 5c available in green, blue, yellow, pink, and white, iPhone 5c features an A6 chip, LTE wireless technology, an 8MP iSight camera, and iOS 7.