Whether you are searching to buy a smartphone online or in the store, make sure you know your facts first before buying anything.  Samsung is to release the Samsung Galaxy S5 during the first two weeks of April 2014. Samsung Galaxy S5, White 16GB (Sprint)
Among that not yet released phone, Samsung also had two other highly rated chart toppers for 2014 so far.  And those two phones would be the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Let’s start with the Galaxy Note 3 first.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is looking to continue in the same design/concept as the original Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, offering you a phone which could almost be mistaken for a tablet and wants you to believe it’s both.  The Note 3 isn’t pretending to be anything it’s not. It knows it’s a big, some may say huge, smartphone and Samsung understands that form factor won’t be for everyone.  In terms of competition there’s not a great deal which compares to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has many innovative features in a lightweight design with a 5-inch display. The 13MP camera is especially cool since it allows ya to shoot using the front and back cameras at the same time. You can also control the S4 using gestures, such as waving your hand in front of the screen to answer a call or flip through photos. Other features would include a powerful quad-core processor and easy access to settings.  It’s easy to see why the Galaxy S4 is one of the highest rated smartphones on the market today.


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  1. The Samsung Galaxy S5 should be a big hit. Make sure you reserve your phone today, they will go fast!