Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone astounded the entire world when it was made known of their massive four sales a second. This made Samsung’s Galaxy S4 pass the 10 million sales mark in first month! It’s clear, bright and vivid, and there’s very little it isn’t great for.

Double the Fun
Double the Fun

The Android-powered Galaxy S4, with its 5-inch 441-PPI display, 13-megapixel camera and slew of snazzy features, is evidently proving a big hit with consumers in the 110 countries where its currently sold. Ten million sales in less than a month makes sales of the previous iterations of the handset appear positively sluggish, though they were, of course, considered impressive at the time.

Galaxy S4 - IP67 Rating
Galaxy S4 – IP67 Rating

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a phone that is really, really liked. The combination of powerful innards, the market’s best screen and a clever design ethos all combine to make a really strong contender for the handset you should be buying when you wander into your local phone store or cellphone provider like: Sprint, AT&T or Verizon.

The camera upgrade is impressive also. The top end features and the sheer snapping power enabled for some simply divine pictures. The whole user interface was improved as well, which was a nice touch forward, although it still over-complicates things. Battery life is strong, 4G is a real step forward in speed and the addition of a microSD card slot is what we’re looking for in a phone still. It’s clear, bright and vivid, and there’s very little it isn’t great for.

The Galaxy S4 is a great, great device in its own right, re-inventing what it means to own a brilliant smartphone in a number of ways. The gestures are cool, the touch-less experience amazing at times – in short, it’s a wonderful phone you want to pull out of your pocket again and again and again.