iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s was the beginning of the Siri craze.
iPhone 4s was the beginning of the Siri craze.

If you’re still in the search for a somewhat inexpensive iPhone, then you are in luck. The iPhone 4s available in black and white, iPhone 4s features an A5 chip, an 8MP iSight camera, and Siri, the intelligent assistant you control with your voice. With the iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s releasing in September 2013, the prices have been falling on previous models of the iPhone. This is good for those of us that can’t afford the “Latest & Greatest” Apple iPhone, but still have the desire to purchase an iPhone class of smartphone.

Usually when comparing the iPhone to other smartphones, it comes down to the software. There is a big ongoing debate among techies between the iPhone’s operating system “iOS” and Google’s “Android” operating system. It’s comparable to the famous PC vs Mac debate. The main difference between the two is choice. Customize or not customize. iOS is more fluid and crisp out of the box. All iPhones/iPods/iPads use this standard OS. Less powerful iOS devices are often able to move as fast or faster than more powerful Android counterparts.

Major modifications and customizations of Apple’s iOS are not possible. The standard 4×4 row of icons is what you will get. Android offers tons of customization options. This is great for advanced tech users, but can be overwhelming to novice smartphone users or those not really interested in editing and customizing a lot to get the device to do what they need it to do. Usually iOS is recommended to customers new to smartphones, due to its more simple and easy to use interface. If you like customizing and making your the software on your phone look different from everyone else, the Android devices may be the route for you to go.


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