Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus to be released Sept 19th!

Today is a big day for Apple fans, as the company introduces a new iPhone. Actually, Apple is introducing two new iPhones: a regular iPhone 6 and a new, larger iPhone 6 Plus. The new smartphones will go on sale September 19! Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus released Sept 19th!

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iPhone 5c

So, I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the new Apple iPhone 5c 32GB (White) – Verizon Wireless. I hadn’t upgraded the iOS from 6 to the iOS 7 because I had heard so many horror stories about that iOS. I have to admit, that for me, the upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5c was a nice improvement. I guess the way I was looking at it, with a new phone comes the new iOS for me to learn as well. I’m still learning how all the features work, there is some adjustments and a learning curve. But for the most part, I’m absolutely loving this iPhone 5c.

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